How to Become the Early Adopter of the Next Big Boom? Find Answers on
January 12th, 2022

All markets have a speculative nature. Relying on predictions and investing in early-stage ideas is not a new paradigm. Getting new and instantaneously updated data is the indicator of successful early-stage investing.

In traditional finance, it was nearly impossible to democratize access to data. Often, the successful investors were those who had insider information.

The transparent nature of Web3.0 is transforming the old model. With tools like, you get a premium investing experience. We watch for new NFT projects and keep you updated with all the new amazing opportunities. Now, everyone can be a successful investor.

The Secret

Nearly all the great projects started with a small seed of possibility. People who were early adopters got the most upside from the project. But in today’s fast-paced market, how do these people find valuable projects?

Some of the successful NFT investors have repeated this so many times that pure luck doesn’t seem to be the only factor. Just look at the Whales section and there you will see how some whales have proved that it is possible to go beyond speculation and rely on pure luck.

The Upside

The earliest investors always get the most returns, but how big were these returns? Let’s investigate some of the projects and compare where they were in the beginning and where they are now.

Data Source:
Data Source:

The graph above is from the World Of Women project that launched in late July this year. You can see the exponential growth it had over the past months. The price started at Zero and within less than 10 days, the market cap got to $1M, the slope has constantly been positive. This can be because the NFT market has been growing over the last months. Nevertheless, this chart shows us that investing in the early stages of the project can sometimes get you tremendous upside.

Most NFT projects that stay follow the same pattern. Out of all the projects that start every day, only some succeed. The projects that last for longer periods generally continue to grow. This is another example of a fairly new project. It launched this month and it seems to have had pretty great growth in the last couple of days. The project is Divine Anarchy, the drop was previously listed on NFTGO. You can find out more about drops here.

Data Source:
Data Source:

In just one day, the market cap went from $0 to over $5M, unlike the last project we saw, this one had pretty fast-paced growth.

There are far more examples in this space. You can head to NFTGO’s website to discover more.

The reason

Economists have tried for centuries to explain high ROIs with pure logic. However complicated these factors might be, there’s one rule that makes sense for today’s NFT market. That is market momentum. NFTs are entering pop culture, art, and media. The mass adoption of NFTs is only going to strengthen the market momentum and make NFTs more valuable. This is not a one-size-fits-all explanation and like any market, there are edge-cases and black swans.

NFTGO’s radar

It can be intimidating and time-consuming to constantly go and look at marketplaces or scroll down Twitter to find new NFT projects. NFTGO frees you from doing this work yourself. We rank new NFT projects based on their market cap. You can click on any project that you’re interested in to view more details.

Data Source:
Data Source:

Final thoughts

No matter how much hype there is in the market, the data never lies. With data analysis, you can find your way to success in the NFT space. helps you find the latest projects and view all their data. Be sure to also check out our drops. All of these tools are designed to help you make informed decisions even when you’re taking the high risks of early-stage investing.

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