May 19th, 2022

The current space is saturated with different types of marketplaces, some add value to their users, and some are market value imitators.

The blue ocean strategy, by Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne,  represents uncontested market spaces where there is little to no competition. Moreover, it creates new markets where none existed in the past. In contrast, a Red Ocean is where everyone is competing and markets have well-defined boundaries.

The NFT marketplace sector was once a Blue Ocean. Back then, there were no marketplaces until OpenSea launched. They were the first mainstream centralized peer-to-peer exchange of NFTs that enabled users to transact with each other directly with decentralized transactions (cryptocurrencies).  At the time, they were no competitors. Then, marketplaces like SuperRare and Nifty Gateway started to appear.

In the last couple of months, we have seen new NFT marketplaces emerging like X2Y2, LooksRare, and the Coinbase NFT marketplace. The market is starting to see a saturated offer in marketplaces for secondary sales, in other words, a Red Ocean. Crowded markets with some lack of growth, where the margins are constantly eroded, resulting in commoditization. In other words,  Red Oceans lead to ferocious battles between companies to take profits, like sharks fighting for food.  Buyer value and Innovation then become increasingly more important to a project's success.

May 17th, 2022

The recent macro shocks in the Cryptocurrency market have transformed the sentiment around speculative assets. According to NFTGo.io, the NFT market sentiment has been down in response to this crash.

Low NFT Market Sentiment
Low NFT Market Sentiment

Amid the crash of the NFT market, it’s critical to develop novel metrics that reflect the uniqueness of the NFT market from other investing categories.
Let's explore one of the critical dynamics unique to the NFT market: Diamond Hand Holders.
NFTs have brought in new standards for evaluation and forecasting, while the dynamics present in the NFT market are highly unconventional and not yet fully explored. Diamond Hands is a useful model that has been widely recognized by the NFT community. Here are some questions that we need to consider:

  • Who are they and what is their strategy?
  • How are Diamond Hands reacting to the current market sentiment?
May 11th, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • With GameFi players have custody of their own assets. Users can start creating profits from buying and selling items.
  • Token’s value depends on the growth of Daily Active Users (DAU) and the burn/minting ratio.
  • The utility is correlated with the burn/minting ratio.
  • GameFi has become the top 4 in the NFT industry by Market Capitalization.
  • Investors are holding P2E NFTs for a mid/long period.

GameFi refers to Gaming Finance, also known as Play-to-earn. Basically, P2E are video games on the blockchain, where users can earn in-game tokens that can be exchanged for FIAT or other cryptocurrencies/digital assets. Currently, most of them are on the Ethereum and Solana networks.

Unlike conventional games, in a P2E video game, the in-game assets are owned by the players, not by the company. This is one of the main reasons why GameFi is revolutionizing the gaming space.

May 9th, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • The ENS market cap rose 114% in a week, and its trading volume over the past two weeks is greater than all previous transactions combined. Over 389,000 unique addresses hold one million domains, averaging out to about three per address.
  • On April 26th, a domain name was sold for an exorbitant price, which triggered a war of numeric domains and the third wave of ENS hype. Popular ENS domain names share similar characteristics such as being three- or four-digit, special numbers, sequential, etc.
  • The prices of ENS domain names of famous trademarks and IPs will gradually match their actual values. There's plenty of room for Web3 domain names to grow in the future.
  • In addition to the hype factor, ENS domains still offer the values of NFT and new approaches to DAO.

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a domain name management system of Ethereum which started at the Ethereum Foundation in early 2017. It provides users with ENS domain names in the format of "XXX.eth". On the fifth anniversary of its establishment, this project saw a new wave of ENS registration in the market.

May 6th, 2022

When analyzing NFT projects and identifying the alpha, blue chip metrics and holder info are two essential dimensions people look into. In this article, we will introduce two new features that NFTGo recently updated, including blue chip metrics and holder trends. Let’s dive in.

Blue Chip Metrics

What is a Blue Chip collection?

A blue chip collection refers to a project that is mature, stable, and widely recognized, and will likely maintain a high value in the future. Projects designated as Blue-Chip tend to be worthy of long-term holding.

May 5th, 2022

Over the last few years, the NFT ecosystem has gained a lot of public awareness. As a result, we have seen growth in the number of users, transactions, market cap, and volume. You can visit the analytics page on our website to take a look at these numbers for yourself. Furthermore, this interest has fueled demand for NFTs with collectors now looking more so now than ever to purchase blue-chip projects.

This success in the ecosystem has also come with its disadvantages, thereby attracting scammers, phishers, and hackers into the market.

In a spreadsheet compiled by blockchain security and data analytics company PeckShield Inc, it was revealed that around 254 NFTs worth a total of $1.7 million were stolen during an apparent phishing attack on OpenSea. A similar report stated that a Discord attack resulted in the loss of11Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club tokens valued at$1.66 million. These numbers are becoming worrisome for NFT collectors and investors, it is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of your assets.

Hackers are definitely targeting collectors through Discord and Telegram, and it's highly likely they're looking for other vulnerable channels since this is such a valuable marketplace. With interest in NFT technology growing, players in the ecosystem (investors and collectors) must stay updated with the best security practices to keep their assets safe. 

April 30th, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • Recently, Yuga Labs projects such as BAYC, MAYC and ApeCoin have seen substantial gains, thus creating a good start for Otherside's market debut, which will potentially make Koda a new blue chip.
  • Otherside's token ApeCoin currently outperforms all other metaverse projects in terms of market value. The token is designed to be scalable, and the interoperability of tokens across games will drive the value of Otherside. In addition, with SDKs, Otherside is able to enhance customization within MetaRPG.
  • The launch of Otherside means that Yuga Labs is unfolding its plans in the metaverse, and its partnership with Animoca will add to Yuga Labs' presence. In the future, Otherside may focus on the reuse value and utility of lands rather than leaving them as idle assets.
  • Yuga Labs' collections have been performing quite well thus far, accounting for 20% of the total market cap. The discourse power of these IPs will serve as Yuga Labs' weapons to construct an identity-based world.

Market Rhythm and The New Blue Chip

Since its launch in April last year, BAYC has been on the market for a year. The project's creator Yuga Labs has succeeded in leading the market and has been exceeding expectations. Through innovative attempts, it has not only fulfilled the needs of celebrities to be “Web3 socialites," but also brought huge benefits to ordinary holders: membership privileges, community benefits, and collaborative projects, etc. The community draws consensus from different groups of people and eventually forms its core spirit: openness and co-creation.

April 26th, 2022

In recent years, the fashion industry has stepped into the digital era following the trend of the times. As demographics change, the powerhouse of consumption has slowly shifted into Gen Z. Among the fashion brands involved in the NFT space, there are established fashion companies as well as emerging projects that specialize in digital fashion. Possible ways of integrating fashion with NFT are limitless. From the basic combination of NFT IP with fashion to the conversion of virtual brands into reality, NFT is subtly reshaping the current economic model.

There are currently four main ways of NFT utilization in the fashion industry:

  • First, NFT virtual brands. Brands like RTFKT create virtual products and offer virtual experiences.
  • Second, fashion design for the metaverse. Companies like The Fabricant specialize in digital clothing that can be worn and traded in the metaverse.
  • Third, virtual experiences are based on physical fashion. Through the redesigning of PFP IP, brands like Li-Ning explore the possibilities of the new consumer groups.
  • Fourth, luxury brands' expansion to NFT using their influence. Brands like Gucci are already doing so.

When it comes to the integration of NFT and fashion, four metrics must be mentioned: identity, properties, interactivity, and scalability. Collectively, these metrics distinguish the value and the way Web3 and Web2 fashion industry companies view NFT.

April 21st, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • April 16-18 saw Moonbirds' trading volume accounted for 25% of the entire NFT market. This was accompanied by a rapid rise in Moonbirds' prices and good performances in terms of entry orders and whale participation.
  • At present, Pass+PFP projects are becoming a new trend, and projects can consolidate the floor price by creating a diamond hand mechanism. In the future, the NFT market layering will be more obvious.
  • As of April 19, the average number of positions held by a single address was 1.5 Moonbirds, which is a high degree of distribution. Among the top 10 holders, 5 of them are whales.
  • Top project developers grasp market rhythm and go through cyclical surges with projects that lower community threshold → obtain users → seize the market, and strategies such as staking and incubation.

Moonbirds trading volume skyrocketed

Compared to last week's numbers, the trading volume of the NFT market has rebounded considerably during the past two days.

April 15th, 2022

In the crypto market, a whale refers to an entity that holds a large sum of specific tokens. It can be a person, an institution, or an exchange. For example, in the context of Bitcoin, a whale is an account holding 1,000 or more Bitcoins, including Pantera Capital and Fortress Investment Group. In a broader sense, an NFT whale is an address with a position of over $1 million. Not only do the whales make their own profits, but they also influence the way investors trade NFTs.

As the NFT market continues to move through volatility in 2022, the number of NFTs held and "NFT whales" keeps growing. For example, on October 2, 2021, there were 647 whales with NFT positions of over $1 million. Today, the number has grown to 1254 with a combined asset of over $5 billion, accounting for 26.68% of the $19.2 billion global market cap.

Data Source: NFTGo.io
Data Source: NFTGo.io
April 12th, 2022

Making profits in the NFT market is often related to many factors. When considering whether or not to buy a $10K project, trade behavior, timing, trading costs are all critical. This article illustrates some of the most prominent trends across multiple NFT collections.

By using NFTGo.io's indicators and Blue Chip NFT Analysis, we will explore the following questions:

  • Trader: Why focus on holder distribution?
  • Timing: What are the trading signals? How do holding periods and profit affect each other?
  • Trading Cost: How do expenses and profits correlate in NFT investments?
  • Trading Curve: What is the market hype curve like?
  • Trading Profits: How to leverage cost basis and profits for blue-chip collections?
April 11th, 2022

Our new homepage provides a snapshot of market activity and volatility including market cap and volume by collection, volatility, whale tracking, fear and greed index, new releases, top sales, and more. We get right into the nitty-gritty numbers making it easy to identify the greatest opportunities and increase your odds and profits. Be the first to know about the top trending projects, leaderboard, and hidden gems. Get in on the hottest new projects before they launch, and let us do the research for you. All this and more on our new homepage and Analytics page.

These new features will enable you to:

  • Catch the best timing to trade NFTs by quickly capturing market sentiment.
  • Seize opportunities in niche tracks by comparing the dynamics, market cap, and liquidity of major NFT categories.
  • Customize indicators to gain first-hand information on major projects.
  • Analyze trading information and volume of all mainstream trading platforms on the market.
April 2nd, 2022


  • Holders of rare NFTs possess a pricing power that is more than 10 times higher than that of holders of common NFTs.
  • Contrary to the common perception that "rare NFTs are more expensive", a higher degree of rarity does not always mean a higher price.
  • Even though Medium NFTs have a higher status in the market than Bottom NFTs, there is no significant difference in their market valuation.
  • Among the six projects, Doodles have the strongest rarity-price correlation, while BAYC clearly has other variables that affect its price.
  • The influence of rarity on price is greatly diluted and replaced by aesthetic resonance and community consensus. In addition, NFT prices are also related to the celebrity effect as some traits associated with celebrities sell for higher-than-average prices.

There are many instances where people are willing to pay a premium for rare items or unique experiences. It's no surprise that rare NFTs sell for higher prices, but it's also important to quantify the value that rarity implies.

From a business perspective, many assets do not require any form of restricted supply. The value of rarity will affect the sum of consumer demand and market-level demand, hence artificially designed rarity and quantity will produce different effects. Rarity value is economically rooted in the concept that resources are finite and demand is infinite, which is reflected through price. The value of blue-chip NFTs is divided into several major aspects.

March 29th, 2022

From Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to Minimum Viable DAO (MVD)

The concept of MVP was first introduced by Eric Ries in Lean Startup. It refers to developing a product prototype with a minimal build time while still offering sufficient features. By testing the product in the actual market, developers can then make improvements accordingly to suit market needs.

It's all about experimenting and upgrading. Find out what consumers want, and make that happen—through your products. If done right, this will surely bring in more users.

Presently, communities that formed on DAO have been causing paradigmatic shifts to this innovation. With the crypto boom taking off in 2021, it’s estimated that DAOs now have a total of about 1 million participants. According to ConsenSys, the top 20 DAOs collectively hold over $14 billion in digital assets. We used to think that without good ideas and creativity, there would be no users, and consumers became the new products by monetizing their data. In the Web3 space, however, it is true to some extent that without a community base, a project would not be possible. Consumers are experiencing a change in roles where they become community members, investors, and benefit-sharers instead of being a "product."

March 23rd, 2022


The world of NFTs does not revolve only around art and collectibles. It spans across various categories, and each NFT undertakes a value based on a multitude of things.

NFTs can be created for purely artistic or collectible purposes, or they can be assigned a certain application when created, providing a tangible utility. Some widely implemented applications for NFTs today take the form of access such as memberships to private clubs/groups, voting power towards future developments of collections, early announcements for airdrops or new artists’ releases, etc.

The NFTs market is what has made the concept of a futuristic metaverse boom over the past few months. Nearly Every virtual world being created is now releasing most of its products (avatars, land, items, etc.) in the form of NFTs, mostly due to the proof of ownership feature and the versatility provided by smart contracts. This upcoming sector has also provided a new utility for many collections, driving up the adoption rate of NFTs altogether.

March 21st, 2022

While the NFT market has been on a bull run over the past year, we all knew that eventually, the day would come when the market would need to correct itself. Based on the current numbers coming out related to NFT holdings and sales, the market cap may be reducing. As of March 20th, 2022 the volume of NFT sales has dropped by 73.12% over the last 30 days. However, it appears to have begun rising again. Visit this page on our website to monitor activity in the market: https://nftgo.io/overview

Should an NFT market reduction be a source of concern for those looking to enjoy the benefits of this new digital asset class?

Not necessarily - if you have the right strategy. While reductions often lead to panic in markets, those with clear heads and a steady investment strategy know how to take advantage of the situation.

For those looking to buy NFTs, this could be a great time, especially if you're looking at long-term holds. Prices are likely to drop in the short term as the market corrects, but they'll likely rebound as the market matures and settles into a more stable trajectory.

March 14th, 2022
  • Yuga Labs’ acquisition of CryptoPunks and Meebits IP revealed the copyright issue in the NFT world.
  • CryptoPunks were massively hyped during NFT summer and in the face of a decline in the market, the average price has dropped by 61.40%, the floor price is almost the same as before.
  • Despite the major downturn of ETH, BAYC valuations were not as much affected by the cryptocurrency price and kept their value, the average price has 88% growth compared with three months ago, and the floor price is also going up now.

When looking at the top 20 collections by market cap on NFTGo.io, PFP projects dominate 70% of the market share of the most valuable projects.

The dominance of NFT categories among the most valuable projects; Data Source: NFTGo.io
The dominance of NFT categories among the most valuable projects; Data Source: NFTGo.io

Among all the Picture Profile NFTs, Cryptopunks and BAYC were always at the top NFTGo’s collection ranking since the last NFT summer.

March 10th, 2022

During the past week, the market has been trying to figure out the optimal way to react to the geopolitical landscape. This has caused a huge downfall in stock prices and cryptocurrencies, and the NFT market has been hit by this situation as well.

This article analyzes the surprising performance of Blue Chip NFTs, as well as summarizing the market trends.

General Trends

The market cap graph below from NFTGo helps visualize the pumps and dumps that happened during the last week. The market quickly got back up and recovered from the downfall. The recovery occurred as a result of new projects continuing to enter the ecosystem.

March 7th, 2022

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have exploded in popularity over the past few years, with prices for these tokens skyrocketing as collectors scramble to obtain rare and unique collectibles for their digital wallets.

NFTs differ from traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because NFTs are tied directly to unique digital assets. While anyone can use cryptocurrencies to transfer - or trade - any fungible asset (one that has no differentiation), NFTs can only be used for trading one-of-a-kind assets.

This means that nearly anyone can create their own NFTs to represent unique digital assets, whether they are games, collectibles, or something else entirely.

If you are lucky, it can also mean that your NFTs will be worth a significant amount of money if the asset they represent becomes popular.

March 3rd, 2022

The immersive progress of the NFT market in the past year has resulted in huge profits beyond every stock market. However, it seems that the market has calmed down since last month. As we dive into the market data, we could find out the reasons and lay down strategies.

NFT market is slowing down

According to NFTGo stats, the NFT market has grown slowly in February.

Data Source: NFTGo.io
Data Source: NFTGo.io
February 28th, 2022

Understanding the influential parameters driving the NFT market assists investors in mitigating risks and making strategic bets with high profits. The uncertain geopolitical situation in Ukraine is impacting many asset classes and the riskier assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs are experiencing the largest crash in the past few months.

This article explores:

  • How dependent are NFT prices on the cryptocurrency market?
  • How can we leverage the data from other markets to make strategic investment decisions?
  • What’s the Blue Chip collection’s performance during this crisis?

Crypto currencies Vs. NFTs

February 21st, 2022

Clone X and MNLTH Case Study

A Brief Introduction to RTFKT

RTFKT (pronounced “Artifact”) is a creator-led and digitized sneaker manufacturer, which uses the latest in-game engines, NFT, and blockchain to build a metaverse-focused brand. According to Benoit Pagotto, one of the co-founders, RTFKT wants to combine fashionable streetwear with the world of gaming. Creating NFTs is a great way to achieve that since they are cultural collectibles by nature. Metajackets, Decentraland wearables, and forging events all aligned with this philosophy and helped build a brand that could help inspire a new generation of creators and designers.

RTFKT released CloneX in November 2021, a new collection of Avatars in collaboration with Daz 3D, a renowned electronic art and software company, and the Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. The collection was described as a blueprint project, the most ambitious one by RTFKT, mixing everything from anime to sci-fi and streetwear, and setting the ground to an entire RTFKT ecosystem. The avatars give the owner full access to 3D files of the Clone X collectibles.

February 15th, 2022


In the NFT Annual report, our research team presents our insights on 2021 NFT Landscape, and how milestone events throughout the year heat the Market. The exclusive report consists of 120 pages of in-depth market details for those who are new to the NFT space, it provides an excellent overview of the biggest events that happened in 2021. It has been a big year for the NFT space. The annual report comes in two versions:

  • The Abbreviated version
  • The Full version

The abbreviated version is free to all members who want to take a look and it can be viewed here.

February 11th, 2022

Recognizing better ways of allocating capital is key to unlocking profits. Portfolio analysis aims to facilitate data-driven decision-making and hedging against risks.

NFTGo’s portfolio tracking feature is a game-changer, presenting comprehensive data analysis techniques to NFT investors and enthusiasts.

The features divide into four categories:

  • Overview
  • NFT
  • Stats
  • Activity
February 3rd, 2022

Note: This is the free version of NFTGo.io annual report 2022, please unlock the full version here 👉 OpenSea or Rarible

How can I acquire the full NFT Annual Report 2022?

When you purchase NFT Annual Report 2022, you will immediately gain access to:

  • Access to Exclusive NFT Annual Report Content (120 pages);
  • Access to Underlying Data Files(.csv);
  • Exclusive Discord Channel & Role;
  • Private Alpha Signals and Q&A for NFTGo Products;
  • Prior Whitelist for Other Collaborated NFT Collections;
  • More Benefits in the Future.
January 20th, 2022

With NFTGo’s new Whale Tracking feature, you can ride the waves with the NFT Whales.
There’s no joke in that Whales are taking the NFT world by storm. The number of Whale holders is the standard metric for evaluating NFT projects.
Whales bring their capital and reputation to NFT projects. The leverage that Whales have can accelerate the growth of NFT projects. NFTGo’s new option in Whale Tracking analyzes the minting activity from NFT Whales.

Minting activity in-depth

Making data-driven decisions requires capturing in-depth information from the data. The details of the Mint section dive deep into every detail of the minting activity from Whales. by subjectively analyzing the minting activity data, you can discover actionable knowledge about your next minting strategy. We gather the data about Whale minting activities from two perspectives:

January 12th, 2022

Asian pop icon Jay Chou’s PhantaBear outperforms BAYC

Asian pop star Jay Chou has released a new NFT collection. The collectibles come with benefits and membership to the Ezek club. The 10,000 bears were sold out in less than 40 minutes. The project is expanding rapidly. In the last 24 hours, these Bears flipped BYAC in trading volume.

Volume records

January 12th, 2022

The NFT market is growing faster every day, and the NFT market is expanding internationally. New projects from all around the world are entering the space, a wave of Asia-based projects is joining the 11.53 Billion dollar ocean of capital.

Data Source: NFTGo.io
Data Source: NFTGo.io

Asian NFTs shine

January 12th, 2022

NFT Whales have been our go to resource for finding the latest NFT investing strategies. Investing is all about seeing what other people don’t, spotting opportunities and being early to trends. Whales have been making the headlines in the past year. From buying Punk 4156 at the crazy price of 2500 ETH -roughly $10M- to collecting Apes and Generative art. Whales are breaking records in market share. From NFTGo’s latest stats, 860 Whales are occupying over 27% off the entire NFT market cap.

We have updated our Whale Tracking feature with new options and more robust data analysis tools.

In this article, you will learn how to leverage the data from these NFT whales to maximize your profits and make strategic investments. NFTGo’s new Whale Tracking features unlock the secrets behind the Whales’ enormous profits.

January 12th, 2022

The dynamics of governance, democracy, and community formation are all fascinating topics to discuss. These topics merge in the concept of DAOs. With the rise of DAOs such as the constitution DAO. the potential for these organizations is vast.

The history of Crypto

Blockchains started with cryptocurrencies and revolutionized money. After the token boom, now the light of NFTs is getting brighter. Everyone is paying attention to the hottest NFT projects. NFTs power art, metaverse and digital identity. The concept of JPEGs selling for millions of dollars on the web might have seemed outlandish even two years ago, just like how peer-to-peer cash would seem odd before Satoshi created Bitcoin.

January 12th, 2022

Deciding to get exposure to NFTs comes with the risk of volatility and pumps and dumps in the market. There are consequences in letting a dramatic decline in prices impact your decision-making process. This imposes the possibility of negative returns on investment.

In the light of this, NFTGO covers ways to transform the volatile nature of NFTs to your advantage with the assistance of NFTGO’s powerful features.

Data highlights the truth

January 12th, 2022

Great decisions rely on great information. Communicating key insights from data is critical to laying a successful strategy for your NFT investing journey. NFTGO crafts insightful stories of NFT data through powerful visualizations. We’re writing the next chapter of this story.

At NFTGO, we strive to make a compelling and meaningful experience of NFT data for the end user, This is ultimately about continued growth and improvement of our features.

The NFT market is fast-paced and ever changing. You can harness the power of NFTGO’s features to boost your strategies and keep up with the latest changes in the market.

January 12th, 2022

Discord hosts most of the blockchain communities. If you’ve been in crypto for long enough, you’ve noticed the advantages of Discord among other social platforms for connecting with this community. NFTGO’s Discord server is a friendly and warm place for all NFT enthusiasts. Our platform updates in real-time so that you don’t miss out on any new drops and sales. You also get the chance to meet like-minded people and have fun. But that’s not the end of the story!

We have added various NFT investing tools on our Discord to offer a better experience for our users. In this article, I’m going to walk you through NFTGO’s powerful discord features.

Robot support 24/7.

January 12th, 2022

You might have just paid 20K for an NFT, but was it worth it?

NFTs come with a variety of attributes and they get high valuations for their uniqueness. But how do we find out what’s unique?

In general, synonyms of rarity are special and unique. Essentially, the rarity of an object depends largely on its differences from other objects: the greater the difference is, the more special and rarer this object will be. Quantifying the combined difference between an object and other things within the group reflects the object’s rarity. Based on this logic, NFTGO uses a statistical approach called Jaccard distance to evaluate the real rarity of NFTs.

January 12th, 2022

NFTs have a wide range of applications including:

  • personal IDs
  • collectibles

Right now, collectibles and art are the main applications of NFTs. From the chart below, we can see how NFTs are performing in different categories.

January 12th, 2022

All markets have a speculative nature. Relying on predictions and investing in early-stage ideas is not a new paradigm. Getting new and instantaneously updated data is the indicator of successful early-stage investing.

In traditional finance, it was nearly impossible to democratize access to data. Often, the successful investors were those who had insider information.

The transparent nature of Web3.0 is transforming the old model. With tools like NFTGO.io, you get a premium investing experience. We watch for new NFT projects and keep you updated with all the new amazing opportunities. Now, everyone can be a successful investor.

January 12th, 2022

NFTs have rapidly evolved away from a niche market of crypto enthusiasm. As of today, more than $33 million NFTs have been sold. In this article, we would discuss:

  • Analyze top NFT items of all time
  • In-depth examination of today’s market valuations
  • Deep dive of data from the top NFTs
  • Use cases of data and key points when considering an NFT investment

All time highs

January 12th, 2022

Forward-thinking investors utilize the power of data. Data gives you a way to glean insights from the market, analyze risks and make intelligent choices to manage your capital. NFTs are no different and the same rules for data-led decision making apply to this market.

This article is aiming to walk you through the powerful features NFTGO.io provides for performing professional, multi-dimensional analysis on NFT data.

A data-centric mindset

January 12th, 2022

NFT investors are constantly fed-up with data. The dynamic nature of this space causes information and insights from the top investors (aka Whales) to often get lost. It’s hard to manually keep track of all the activities going on in the Whales’ community. NFTGO’s brand new future: Whale Tracking is the solution to this problem.

NFTs are at an all-time high, but so are “scammers”. These projects can be hard to distinguish if you’re not concentrating on the investor ecosystem. There are no definite answers in this market, but if you see signs of Whales buying the NFTs, it’s a good indicator of the project’s future. More on that on https://nftgo.io/whales-tracking to track the whales win the sales.

A fantastic feature of NFTGO’s Whale Tracking is the real-time data from The Whales.

January 12th, 2022

If you’re a new to NFT, you’d most probably be confused when you hear the term “whales”. What are whales? Why is everyone talking about them?

Simply put, whales are the experts. They are an important category of professional players in the market. They have a strong NFT asset base and a prominent presence on the market’s top charts. They have both passion and expertise in NFT, which enables them to identify potential projects and inject huge capital at an early stage. Their investments can easily drive up the project’s market value, thus creating a natural marketing tool for the project.

NFT is relatively new in the investment market, it is common for one to follow the footsteps of the whales, because the professionals know best, right?

January 12th, 2022

The term “avatar” is definitely not something new to the NFT and metaverse old hands. In Hinduism and Buddhism, its original meaning refers to a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth. The term became known after the 2009 movie Avatar gained popularity. As the Internet and social media developed, the term has gradually taken on additional meanings. In today’s world, an Avatar can be understood as an online persona of the user. This persona exists in the form of a profile on the user’s social networks, or in the form of a character in the metaverse. In the world of blockchain, any NFT that becomes a user’s image representation can be called an avatar.

In the past three months, avatar has been the shining star of the NFT scene. Many avatar NFTs including CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club have overtaken old NFTs such as Decentraland and CryptoKitties at a rapid pace and even topping the charts. At the same time, a large number of avatar-focused NFT projects have mushroomed as they aggressively spread their culture and style to the blockchain world.

January 12th, 2022

Market capitalization is an important concept in the cryptocurrency space to measure the total value of a project. It is an accurate indicator of project size and provides a new perspective for comparison between different cryptocurrencies. It is commonly seen on cryptocurrency rankings.

Data Source: coinmarketcap
Data Source: coinmarketcap

However, the market cap is rarely found when it comes to NFTs. Why?

January 12th, 2022

The NFT market is booming now. According to NFTGO statistics, at least one NFT project has launched on chain every day since May 2021. At the same time, similar to DeFi, the quality of NFT projects is varied, and investors may easily fall into the “liquidity trap”.

Is the project my friend mentioned really good? How about this NFT Game in the news? Do I see the NFT world clearly? Which NFT is worth buying?

In fact, in the world of blockchain, whether as an investor or a beginner, you can rely on data to stay away from “hearsay” and decide which NFT to buy by yourself.

Here we will provide you with six-step data analysis (also known as “ETH-CRM rule”) to assess the investment potential of an NFT project.

January 12th, 2022

As Google aggregates content from websites and Facebook aggregates social connections, aggregators capture most of the value in the era of blockchain, eg. DEX aggregates different liquidity mining models.

Similarly, aggregator is an integral part of the NFT ecosystem.

NFT is primarily created on various chains such as Ethereum, Flow, and BSC, and each of them has an isolated ecosystem of protocols. Although these protocols provide diverse NFT services, a variety of NFT marketplaces bring significant challenges when it comes to trading and viewing NFT information. On the one hand, newcomers may not know how to find the best marketplace. On the other hand, different marketplaces have different interfaces, which increasing the learning cost of users.

January 12th, 2022

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have been growing at an outstanding rate since late 2020. Understanding macro market data could help investor to get a whole picture of NFT and NFT-related tokens. Therefore, what data and metrics do we need to know to understand NFT market?

Quantitative Framework

January 12th, 2022

“Quantitative analysis” may sound complicated and disheartening, especially to those online newcomers, but behind its seemingly high entry barrier, data is a useful tool that can be gathered, organized, and translated for everyone’s decision-making and strategies.

Data aggregation, therefore, is all the more important, and data aggregator, accordingly, deserves more attention. Simply stated, all who aim to share profits in a certain niche market need to equip themselves with a “data quotient”, learn what they can gain from it, and understand how it relates to their field.

To peer into the significance of data, we can divert our attention to the impregnable position CoinMarketCap, a most-referenced and trusted price-tracking website in the crypto world across the globe, now occupies. Almost since the birth of cryptocurrencies, the platform has been enjoying its advantageous position by providing data, knowledge, and information concerning digital currencies. To purchasers, holders, and speculators of crypto assets, CoinMarketCap serves as a gateway into the cryptocurrency (FT) world, and a default source of quality and up-to-date information, relying on which they examine market conditions, predict market trends and make sensible decisions.

January 12th, 2022

Nowadays, NFT(non-fungible tokens) has penetrated in almost every industry. Based on blockchain technique, virtual assets have gained much attention by virtue of their uniqueness, indivisibility, rarity and verifiability in areas like gaming, art, sports, media&entertainment, etc.

When people first enter this virtial world, some questions are frequently asked:
How to discover the most trendy & valuable NFT? How to purchase NFT easily?
What is the market trend of NFT? How to know the return on investment?
How to evaluate my NFT assets?
Well, hold on, all these questions could be well answered on NFTGO.
Building “The gateway to the NFT ecosystem” and revolutionize NFT marketplace, this is why NFTGO, a professional and user-friendly NFT data aggregator, is designed and launched.